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Get 100’s of imgsrc’s album passwords !

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5300+ passwords compiled !

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Simple as 1 – 2 – 3 !

Select the album

1- Go the album wich is password protected

Enter the password

2- Insert the password provided on the excel sheet.

Enjoy the album

3- You now can access the full album !

Unlock all the passwords protected albums!

Do you want to enjoy your visits on ? Are you bored to ask for passwords you never get ? Do you want to stop the frustration you get when you can’t open and watch the album you want ?

I understand you, it was exactly the same for me, I was frustrated every time in front of an album that i can’t watch, asking me for a password that I could’nt find anywhere.

Some owners can give you the password if you ask them gently, but it work only 2% of the time, trust me, they don’t give their passwords easily…

The only way to get tons of pass on imgsrc album protected is to give something back to the people you’re asking to share their passwords. And it’s what I did !

Months of upload, contact and working !

Two imgsrc friends and me took a decision, we will get all the passwords we can!

So we created 10’s of accounts, uploaded many quality albums password protected. After gaining some trust on these accounts we started contacting other members and done share 4 share.

This time, our success rate was almost 100%, this is exactly what other members wanted so everyone agreed to share their passwords with us.

In few months, we where able to get 5240 album’s password from 1500 members ! We have backed up almost all albums on hard drive and can enjoy them even if the owner change his password.

Sharing imgsrc pass with you !

Now we still having new passwords, but our list is already huge ! We have decided to share it with all of you, this way you can all enjoy imgsrc without frustration, watch the album you want and back up the pics if you want.

Some album owners can change the password but this doesn’t happen often. Maybe 5-10 change the password each month, this is nothing compared to the 1000’s of passwords on the file.

Just click on “Get the list” button and download the excel sheet. (you may need Excel or FreeOffice to open the file, you can also open the file on your phone if this one have application to open table sheet file)

Now enjoy your time on !